The outfits are available at the Stanlowa boutique or on the e-shop.

Year 2020-2021


EVEIL: OPERA tunic Ref. 100 White

To buy the awakening outfit online, click here.

PREPARATORY: Tunic ONDINE Ref. 199 candy pink

To buy the preparatory outfit online, click here.

ELEMENTARY: BOLCHOI tunic Ref. 102 azure blue

To purchase the Elementary Outfit online, click here.

INTERMEDIATE: Tunic BOLCHOI Ref. 102 fuchsia

To buy the intermediate outfit online, click here.

STUDY: ROXANE tunic Ref. 167 Plum

To buy the study outfit online, click here.

: AVANCE ROXANE tunic Ref. 167 Black

To buy the advanced outfit online, click here.

For all classes:
- Pink tights Ref. 557 TANIA
- Pink half-pointes Ref. 303 STAR with rubber bands
- Pink wrap-over Ref. 403 LISA
- Scrunchie or headband in the color of the tunic.
- Tips for students in Intermediate, Study and Advanced classes.

Hair should be tied up in a bun or, if it is short, held back with a headband.


- White T-shirt Ref. 062 DANCER - Black tights with feet Ref. 572 DANCER
- Black half-pointes Ref. 303 STAR

 To buy the boys outfit online, click here.

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